Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amber & Gone But Not Forgotten

Remember my favoritest brunch place ever, La Palapa?  It's gone.

Okay, so the original in the East Village is still there, serving up the most amazing huevos rancheros verdes on this side of the volunteer border patrol zone.

And, remember my favorite breakfast place away from home, on the other coast, Café Andre?

It exists no longer.  Although, now Hotel Rex serves a buffet breakfast in the "Library Café."

It's pretty much the same: convenient and overpriced.  But you serve your own tea now, so they don't refill your cup with water midway through your hotdrink and make a watery mess in your cup.  And that's an improvement.

Sunrise, sunset... but really not very far below the horizon.


Kevin said...

And, also, importantly: What the hell ever happened to that green checked shirt I am wearing there? I had it last on a trip out to California more than a year ago, and *poof* it disappeared from my bag before I got home. I strongly suspect that I left it at Diana's mom's house, but she claims to have never come across it. Diana's mom, are you reading this? Can you look again, please? The weather is warming up, and another short-sleeved shirt would come in handy.

ALH said...

It was a fine shirt. Any chance Hotel Rex Guest Laundry Services still has it?