Monday, April 25, 2011

Amber & The Perfect Gift

In honor of W and T turning the big one-three, I added one of those super ugly, carpeted cat trees to my home.

So far, both of the birthday kitties have shown a moderate interest in the tree.  Mostly, they climb on, explore a bit and then jump off onto the bed for a more comfy and familiar resting spot.

But, the younger siblings really love it.  They take naps on it, climb and scratch, explore and attack each other.

Now, obviously, on the one hand it doesn't matter which cats use it the most in terms of amortization.  But, it may not seem like a very good birthday present if the recipients aren't the primary users.  But, it kind of is a great present because if the brothers are on the tree, they are not either attacking or over-snuggling their birthday elders.  And Pickles has recently raised snuggling to a whole over level with Nose-Touch-Snuggles.

You know, where you just reach out and touch your unsuspecting, sound-asleep snuggle partner with your nose?

Kind of like this, but with your nose and one guy's head?


Amy said...

Sometimes when Hazel gets sick of me smooching her ("no kisses!!!!") she'll suggest we "nuzzle noses." I'm game. I think she learned it from Pickles that time he came over with his brat pack.

Erl said...

I think Woody is just pretending not to know.