Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amber & Uncredited Genius

Nick sent me this link today which he discovered redditting.

Genius.  But, sadly, I can't attribute the art to any one because this is how the Internet works now.  (Do I sound old now?  I am so over the Internet.)  Folks post uncredited links to other people's stuffs and suddenly you have no idea what exactly you are looking at or where it came from or who should be thanked.  This has happened many a time with a cutie animal.

That? Is ART.


Anonymous said...

Are you planning on finishing the paint in your room with a wall size mural of this amazing work of art?

ALH said...

Erl: yes.

Amy said...

It really makes me think. On so many levels. That's how I know it's art.

ALH said...

And it makes you ask questions. Which is a sign of GOOD art.

celeste said... can help you find pictures. And this image appears to be done by Tokuhiro Kawai: