Monday, April 25, 2011

Amber & Belated Beasty Birthdays

I have been horrible at blogging lately.  Not that I have had dud posts, but I just haven't done it all.  And that's not because there was nothing to blog about, but rather there was so much bloggable goodness happening that I didn't have time to report on it.  Irony?  Maybe.

For example, while I was in San Francisco, this happened.

That's right: everybody's favorite original brother and sister Chan Patrollers turned 13!

Happy Birthday, Miss Tiggy Winkle.

Happy Birthday, Woodrow Wilson Gutherie Cat.

Holy crap: I luff them.


Amy said...

You luff them big time, but who the heck is this chan brother sister set? Need more info, please.

ALH said...

You see, the original Chan Patrol was Lucie, Woody and Tiggy. They were named the "patrol" because at night their kitten selves would run the length of the apartment as if patrolling. And the "chan" somehow, through a very complicated evolutionary process, came from the PeeWee Herman genie (Jambi's) chant ("mekka lekka high mekka hiney ho, mekka lekka high mekka CHANNY ho). ("Channy" was a synonym for "hiney" at one point. You know, your butt.)

Soo.... The Chan P are Woody and Tiggy, both of whom you know very well.

Erl said...

Hooray!! Happy Birthday Super Cutes!

Alison said...

Happy birthday, kitty-poos!!

Amber, the good thing about not posting for a while is that when I came here and saw a new post I got all excited!

Amy said...

It TOTALLY makes sense now.