Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amber & Kitty Couture

I once made a rule that, because I own so many cats, I won't also own cat things.  Like cat statues.  Or paintings of cats.

(Tempting cat portrait by Gwen Sylvester)(But I resist)

But, I break that rule when it comes to clothing all the time.  These now R.I.P. kitty cat pajamas were some of my absolute favorite pants ever.

I got these awesome Hello Kitty pajamas to replace them and they have fast become a fave.

And there are some novelty t-shirts that include kitties.

But how much kitty couture is too much?

This dress that Alison recommended for me?

It's hard to tell but there are little astronaut cats all over it.

I mean, is that any less cat-crazed than my new sweatshirt?  And I really only wear cat ears rarely.

I mean, it could be worse, right?


Alison said...

There is nothing whatsoever wrong with owning both cats and cat-themed items. Cats are awesome, after all.

I have a cat. I also have a few stuffed cats, some cat candle holders, various Hello Kitty items (although maybe that kind of stuff doesn't count as "cat stuff" since HK kind of transcends typical cat-status), etc etc. And I am proud of this!

Proud may be the wrong word. But I'm totes content :)

Alison said...

Oh I also have this adorable thing http://www.modcloth.com/ModCloth%2FApartment%2FKitchen+Bath/-Polka-Pet-Coffee-Mug-in-Kitten because HOW COULD I NOT BUY THAT?

I'll stop now.

ALH said...

Maybe you will notice the dress is sold out, Alison? That is because I bought the last one.