Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amber & Mommy's Little Helper

I haven't been sleeping terribly well.  In addition to having allergies (still?  in June?) which make me cough all night long, I boo-booed my rotator cuff lifting something about twenty pounds with my right arm fully extended.  (Chiropractor: "Have you been lifting something heavy with that arm?" Me: "Nope." Chiropractor: "Putting a heavy bag up onto your shoulder with one arm?" Me: "No." Chiropractor: "Something where you are sort of lifting it like this or turning your shoulder like this while you hold it?"  Me: "Oh.")

I got about two hours on Sunday night, and then, with the help of my friend Medicine got about four last night, in one hour intervals (11 to midnight, 2 to 3, 4 to 5, and 7 to 8 sitting up on the couch when I was supposed to be dressing).  Needless to say, I am a little sleepy when I first get going.  And by "first" I mean, the first sixteen hours of the day.

So, imagine my sleepy surprise when, midway through my exfoliation, I looked down to discover I had a friend in the shower with me.  It was this guy.

And he sort of did this.

And then he left when I got out the shampoo.  He's clearly not a fan of bamboo and/or lemongrass.

Really, aside from being adorable, the incident was also comforting.  I mean, my shower visitor could have been this guy/lady.

And that would have been bad.


AmyB said...

Kitty shower! And you need a nap, my friend.

Erl said...

I say "Calms" to you. Do it. Also? I have watched that video twice already.

LATHER said...

Glad YOU are a fan of the Bamboo Lemongrass! Hope you are feeling better.

LATHER said...

Glad YOU are a fan of the Bamboo Lemongrass! Hope you are feeling better!

ALH said...

Thank you, Lather. I became addicted to the Bamboo Lemongrass shampoo after a stay at Hotel Rex, my home away from home in San Francisco.

Kevin said...

Creepy world we live in.

ALH said...

The Norman-outside-the-shower image really kind of sums it up. But, instead of a knife, it's web marketing.