Monday, June 27, 2011

Amber & How I Became A Pop Star

I bought new headphones.

I had been doing alot of reading lately about how cheapy headphones are bad for you.  Apparently, the in-ear ones are the worst because of their proximity and those cheapy ones that sort of sit in your ears that came with your iDevice are even the worstester because they make you turn up the volume to get good sound quality, and more volume now means less hearing when you are old.

So, I got the on-ear kind because they are supposedly good for proximity and blocking external noise thereby requiring less volume.  Really, I wanted the Beats By Dr. Dre, but they are ridiculously expensive--even though everyone on the subway and in every single music video seems to have them.  (Dre is obviously a PhD in Product Placement.)

Plus, really, all it takes to become a pop star is knowing to touch one of your ears while singing.  I don't know why, but it makes you look like a Serious Musician. Especially when you make concentrating eyebrows while doing it.

And there's our friend, Fork, again.  Versatile as ever.

I got them in gray because it looks good with a can of Name Tag Lager.


Alison said...

Amber, you are a funny lady.

My issue with listening devices is that I have freakishly tiny ears, so it is really hard to find in-the-ear or loop-over-the-ear styles that actually fit. I have considered getting some headphones like those (and amusingly enough, I was going to link you to some on an indie shop site, and it turns out they are those exact ones you have - small world!).

Also? Forks are amazing. They are like Q-Tips with their endless adaptive uses!

ALH said...

Alison, the INSIDES of my ears are apparently smaller than average--those iDevice earphones don't fit in them at all and forcing them gives me sores. So, over ear was a good style for me.

These have a really fantastic foamy pad around them, so they sort of sit AROUND my ears and are comfy. I love them so far. And they really do fold down small enough that I can stick them in my bag.

I started a new tag for FORKS, just because there is so much potential there. It may have taken me 40 years to fully appreciate the genius of the fork, but I heretofore devote myself to it fully.

Alison said...

My ex-boyfriend works for a company that makes headsets and one time he brought home a prototype of a new one that he said was "super small, for younger people" and he wanted me to test it out. Still didn't fit. He didn't stop laughing at my "midget ears" for like an hour.

The earbuds on the headset I use for my cell don't really fit, but I can get them to stay in place as long as I don't move my head.

I'm here for you, Amber. We tiny-appendaged people have to stick together.