Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Amber & On This Day, In History, and the Future

As the great James once said...

"This is very special day of kitty mystery when every year since 2006 we celebrate kitty eyebrows."

That very special day of kitty mystery is today, dear readers: Kitty Eyebrows Day. Happy day, kitties everywhere and the people who ponder their mystery.

And, in honor of it, Pickles forewent his tradition of not having any eyebrows on one side of his face and instead grew a special corkscrew eyebrow whisker.

It's really short because it takes so much energy to grow something so special and mysterious. And, he is such a little guy to begin with. You know, not around his middle, but in spirit.


Amy said...

Also? He's a crazy dictator, but maybe that's for a different day.

Jimmi said...

This blog post was very life-affirming through power of kitty mystery!