Friday, June 17, 2011

Amber & Some for Me, Some for You

I got a whole bunch of things today, but most of it is not for me.

First, these two pairs of cordaround shorts arrived today.  They are not mine.

It is taking a whole bunch of willpower not to put all of them on right now.  At the same time.  Like on that episode of Friends where Joey does the opposite of hiding underwear.

But then, Jimmy stopped by and also gave me these Momofuku birthday cake truffles.

There is one for me, one for Nick and one for Kevin.  You have no idea how much will power I am channeling to actually resist and save for sharing.

I don't really know what a birthday cake truffle is, except DELICIOUS.  I am sure of it.


Alison said...

When I saw "birthday cake truffle" I immediately thought WAIT I THOUGHT HER BIRTHDAY WAS IN AUGUST. Then I realized it needn't be one's actual birthday to get birthday cake truffles. But for a moment there I was all worried I'd missed it somehow :P

I am a spaz.

ALH said...

Hee hee! I am so glad that you can eat birthday cake truffles year-round. Because they really were the most delicious thing I have eaten.

Amy said...

What did they taste like? And who sent you shorts that were not for you?

ALH said...

Amy, the truffle tasted like sparkly rainbows of sweetness. Sort of like brown sugar and frosting and sprinkles and cake, maybe. The shorts belong to Nick. I am just a shorts mule. I get them at my office and then transport them into Uptown.