Thursday, April 22, 2010

Amber & Earth Animals

I celebrated Earth Day this morning by petting the cats (who, after all, are part of the wonders of Earth) and reading this article in The New York Times non-paper edition.  It chronicles something I have only experienced on an airplane: the newly hatched oeuvre of animal reality shows.  The author draws this questionable, although likely tongue-cheeked, conclusion:

Sure, you could argue that we humans have abused nature far more than nature has abused us. You could also argue that these portentous nature shows are merely playing on the secret desire we all have to feel that there is still some danger, some life-or-death excitement, left in this sterilized, seat-belted, stay-on-marked-trails world.

But while you’re making these arguments, a bear may be breaking into your garage, your neighbor’s pet boa is probably making its way into your closet, and a flatworm could be laying eggs in your blood vessels. So sure, on Earth Day, all hail nature for its beauty and wonder. But remember that, as that volcano in Iceland reminds us, it’s also violent, and hungry. Very hungry.

I've only ever seen those animal rescue shows and the one where the British lady wears a jumpsuit and always figures out that it's the owner who is the problem, not the dogs.  So, I could only wish the article had been better illustrated.

Here without delay, I fulfill my own wish, providing one image for each category of show he discusses.

Really, I could have gone with just about anything from the heroes over at where they document this category, one ridonkulus animal at a time.


Remember this guy?  Aye aye, captain!


They eat in restaurants and sometimes get served the wrong dish.  Only they can't spell.  Oh wait, that is just like us.  (Maybe we were better spellers before LOLcats?  Chicken or the egg?)


Yo, nobody should dance with the bear.  DANGER ZONE!


CRD said...

Today was Long Form Post Thursday for everyone.

Remember when we watched that show with the British lady at the animal hospital on 55th Street and the East River? At 7am on a Sunday? And Woody saw me from his bag and must have assumed that I lived at the animal hospital when I wasn't at your house, since he had never been to my house?

CONFIDENTIAL TO WOODY: I don't live at the animal hospital.

ALH said...

Can you believe all of that Woody health drama was just ONE YEAR AGO? With the teeth and the asthma and the pneumonia?

Maybe Woody thinks the animal hospital IS your house and you just have alot of sick pets.

Remember how the British lady wore that jumpsuit? And the owners were the problems?