Monday, March 22, 2010

Amber & Annual Surprises

Every year, like clockwork, spring arrives.  Blooms, short pants, and reading outside on park benches.  And then, oddly, Woody starts getting wheezy, and then I start feeling cloudy and having a slight runny nose.  And I'm so confused by the weird symptoms.  What could it be?  Why am I so tired?  Why am I even more forgetful and easily distracted than usual?

And, then, every year, I realize it is allergy season.  And then, I restart my relationship with my friend Zyrtek and everything gradually returns to normal.

Why, oh, why am I so surprised every single year?  Is it because I am so excited for the spring that I refuse to associate it with allergies?


Anonymous said...

Can cats eat honey? I highly recommend locally sourced honey for the plant based allergy sufferer.

ALH said...

I had thought that cats could NOT eat honey, but I recently read that honey is a good remedy for "garbage gut" in cats--when they get sick from eating things they shouldn't. And, once, my vet had me give the cat propolis and hide it in honey to get him to take it. I will try this. Good suggestion. Woody thanks you, and, if I get to sleep through the night without waking up in utter alarm over a wheezing cat, I also thank you.