Friday, March 19, 2010

Amber & Unrequited Snuggles

Woody was pretty sick last night with asthma.  We had multiple attacks and inhaler dosings, followed by some puking from upset tummy.  This morning, he seemed tired (shocking!  a sleepy cat!) and just wanted to lie in the sun.  Pickles had other plans for him.

Maybe because he was so tired, or still a little under the weather, Woody just tolerated his baby brother's snuggles.

He wasn't thrilled, and the purring was all one-curly-sided.  But, it's progress, right?  They're both awake this time.


Alison said...

I like to use my cat as a pillow too, although my head might weigh more than Pickles' head.

ALH said...

Just to highlight the distinction: Alison, you own your cat pillow. Pickles does not own Woody.

Alison said...

I bet my cat would have something to say about the owning thing. She seems to believe I am her lady-in-waiting. Which, hey...I basically am.

ALH said...

Still, Woody is by no definition Pickles's lady in waiting.