Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amber & Remembering

On this day, 99 years ago, tragedy struck New York.  And on this day, today, once again, we remember thanks to some anonymous but very familiar-looking, chalking.

I used to take classes in the building where so many young garment workers lost their lives.

It strikes me as very important and weighty to remember the events that took place and the lives lost.

Those lives remind of us a New York now gone.  These names and their ages and addresses, give us a snapshot both into a particular labor heritage we share as New Yorkers, and into an ethnic history now rapidly being erased by Lower East Side bars and NYU undergraduate class rooms.

And, it reminds us of the struggles of modern workers for the very basic right of safe working conditions.

And it reminds us how lucky we readers of this blog are to have fire escapes and unlocked doors and posters reminding us of our NEW YORK BREASTFEEDING rights.

Thanks, anonymous chalkers, for not letting us forget where we came from, of what's important, and how to make nice capital G's.

I'll be working on a dance for the 100th anniversary next year.  Stay tuned.

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Kevin said...

Good blogging, Amber.