Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amber & Conference Call Tray

I am on a conference call during today's tray. New features to the tray are fresh fruit (black berries, cherries and strawberries left over from last night's birthday dessert) and small bread share dinner rolls which are great dipped in the oil from the olives.


Alison said...

Blackberries are so nostalgic for me. Around the corner from the house I grew up in was a house with huge blackberry bushes that grew over their fence onto the sidewalk side, and my brothers and I would go over and pick them clean in the summer. They were so tasty, and got pretty big too.

That is all to say: good choice! :)

Anonymous said...

And Yuengling! (which spell check wants to turn into "engagingly")

ALH said...

Blackberries were a rare treat growing up, but I do love them now. I bet they taste extra good with nostalgia.

And Yuengling is the Official Beer of River House since we are in PA and you have to buy by the case here. We also got a case of Blue Moon this year, but I am not so into it.