Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Amber & Bygone Birthday Blogporunities

I may have remote blogged my sister's birthday, but I missed two other birthday blogportunities this week.

First, the lovely Tweetastic Amy Bee added another notch to her birthday belt on the same day as my sister.

And, then, on Monday, coin-counting star Alison celebrated another year of life.

These two are amazing cutie-animal image finders, make up recommenders and tutors, and delightful people to know and count among my friends.

Happy Birthday, Ladies With A-Names!


Alison said...

Thanks, fellow A-name lady! Even belatedly, having my hatching day honored on your blog is a real treat.

Cutie-animal image: http://j.mp/qRZgjq Awwww!!

Make-up recommendation: If you are a fan of tinted lip balm type thingies, I like the ones from Tarte http://j.mp/oE5Wsy They call it a "lip sheer", but it is balm-ish IMO, because it's moisturizing and all that. I use the one called "Friday" myself, and did so well before Rebecca Black was ever inflicted on us.

AmyB said...

Happy Birthday Alison and me!!!