Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amber & Put Away Your Cats

An important thing while at River House is to not throw out all of your regular routines.  You still have to remember to take your fish oil, for example, or to put on shoes when going into town.

And, even though there are no cubbies, you still have to put away your kitties when not in use.

Tiggy is best placed in a secure drawer, lined with pajamas and shorts, for maximum comfort.

That way, she will be well rested when next you need her to nap on your chest while watching a birds documentary on the couch at night.

Brothers should be, by all accounts, stored together.

A window nook is the perfect spot since watching the squirrels outside will keep them occupied until Pickles can begin his all-night mouse stake out.  (Don't try to photograph them from outside, though, as it will scare the puffy fur bloomers right off of Pickles when you pop up on the other side of the glass.)

I strongly recommend leaving your Woody on the back of the couch so you can pat him as you come in to take your bathroom breaks or refresh your beverage.

The key is that you want your cats put away, but very close and easily accessible for schooching.


Amy said...

i love every part of this post very much.

Alison said...

I am in agreement with Amy.

Anonymous said...

Me three!