Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amber & Where Have All The Irises Gone?

You find yourself with an amazingly cutie cat. And you may ask yourself, "How did Tiggy get so cute?"

And you may ask yourself, "Where did her irises go?"

Tiggy is riding high on pain meds these days.  Two Fridays ago, I woke up to discover she had somehow broken her canine tooth and it was hanging out of her mouth.  And, because the lower canine then had nothing to bump against, it was puncturing her upper lip and making that a bloody mess.  Poor girl!

Last Wednesday, she had some major dental surgery and lost the lower and (remaining stub of) the upper canine.  She was pretty darned sad.  She's doing much better now, and is going for her final pre-River check up and stitch removal on Thursday.

If you look closely at her mouth, you can see a tiny little string from a stitch in her gums poking out of her lip.  And, if you look closely, you won't see her fangs on the left side of her mouth.

(Photodocumenation of canines by James)

And you may ask yourself, how did she break that tooth?

Farewell, canines of the Tigster. You will be missed every time the baby girl tries to eat dry food.

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