Saturday, July 2, 2011

Amber & Dianas I Have Known

I am pretty sure I have only known two ladies named Diana in my whole life, and all three of them are amazing and have had a giant, happy impact on my life.

There is of course my BFF for the few years her show was on the air before the PTA cancelled it out of jealousy, Miss Diana Prince.

And there is the equally charming and mysterious real Diana.

Diana is a kick-ass person.  She is smart, interesting, kind, compassionate (with well developed mirror neurons), and has a magical, warming smile. All types of creatures, including Shorty, should be glad to have her as a friend.

It happens to be this Diana's birthday today, and I want to express how infinitely glad I am that she was born.  If I had a watermelon, I would give it to her for her birthday.

Because she is super sweet and refreshing on the insides and cats like her.

P.S. If you are wondering, I am wearing my special birthday bonnet for Diana ALL DAY. And so is Pickles.

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