Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amber & How I Spent My Fourth of July

Jimmy and I got really American up on Independence Day yesterday and went to the Shake Shack for celebratory corn dogs.  I was scared off the corn dog by the "jalapeño batter," but Jimmy shared and it was mild and delicious.  I enjoyed my shack burger, but I had corn dog envy.

Anyhow, afterward, Jimmy and I were walking along West 77th Street along the side of the Natural History Museum and made friends with this pair.

Jimmy took this photo of our new friend Mud and his babysitter.  Mud was out for a stroll to get some natural light and delight passersby.  Also, from this photo I took, you can tell Mud was also out to enjoy a salad.

Then, I came home and comforted a very terrified Pickles.  I am unclear why we celebrate American Independence with REALLY loud explosions all night long, but I am 100% sure it is not good for sleeping.  Or Pickles.

And then, I cut my hair and had a Bad Thing happen.  And then, I made choices which seemed to be the only way out of a desperate situation.  And then, I sewed this head scarf.

And then I vowed to be unlike American and be less Independent and never cut my hair myself again.


erl said...

Your hair was just reveling in its independence on this celebratory day. Maybe now is the time to make that professional appointment so you can rock your new style like it was on purpose. Oh, and hoop earrings. Lots and lots of hoop earrings.

Amy said...

the head scarf is really cutie. what did you do????