Saturday, July 9, 2011

Amber & Week 4 CSA Soup

I neglected to photodocument my week 4 farm share. It was the first week Jimmy was available to pick up and split the goods with me (his summer class just ended), and Kevin was there and I was being all social.

Bad blogging.

Instead I present this.

A soba noodle soup made in the Japanese style with farm share chard, turnips and greens, scapes and zucchini.  Plus, broccoli from last week and spinach.  And, an eggplant from Holland which is really the opposite of a CSA since Holland can really be in no way defined as part of my community.

Plus, those pretty flowers are one of the two bouquets I made from flower share.  And there was a currant lemon loaf seasonal delicacy, raspberries, and some other deliciousness I have already forgotten due to eating.

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Erl said...

I've been bad about my CSA blogging too. Ah well. It's been a challenge just to get it all in the fridge! Not that I'm complaining.