Monday, July 18, 2011

Amber & I Need A Vacation...With These Guys

Between sailing the choppy seas of major cat dental drama (to be explained later) and beginning an ascent of the alpine mountain of work needing to be done before River House, I almost forgot to stop in the snowy memory-filled woods and commemorate the birth of two of the finest beasts I have ever known.

Happy Birthday, Black Cat.

Although you may be a mewly beggar and cause mayhem underfoot (or on counter), no one is as silky or torpedo-like as you.  I remember when you looked like a bat.

And, congratulations on your twelfth year, Gray Cat.

You were super hard to photograph on your special day because you were being really into your security blanky.

I wish both of you boys a special, happy twelfth year.  You are honorable gentlemen, and I am pleased to know you.  I look forward to visiting you on Saturday when we are neighbors on the street known as River.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Three cheers for two cats.

Thank you for the nice post.