Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Amber & For The Air, For The Light, For The Love

I've never really been a fan of summer.  As a lass, I didn't want to not go to school for all those months.  And it's hot and it smells on the A train, and iced coffee just isn't as good as hotdrink.

But in recent years, I have started to come around.

(photo by Peter)

There is something that requires one to go a little more slowly in the summer (intense heat?).  To relax.  To stop and squint into the shiny distance, through the haze, and to exhale a little more deeply.  And it makes me happy.

This past weekend, despite Pickles being a sickie beast and somehow injuring my shoulder in my sleep, was the perfect reminder that summer has its place and its rhythm.  I think it sounds something like this.

Summer? It's not what I want; it's what I need.

Now, I am counting the days to River Cabin.

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