Friday, June 4, 2010

Amber & A Perfect Pair

I got this bruise last Wednesday by walking into the edge of a glass table at Harriet's while trying to check out the view of the George Washington Bridge (and maybe my apartment building).

At least I didn't spill my wine even though I did almost pass out (and it was white).

And then I got this one on Monday from the arm of a bus seat trying to fit myself and Pickles down the isle on my way back to the city.

Maybe I should just slather myself with arnica preemptively?


Amy said...

owie zowie. Hello Kitty band aids?

ALH said...

I've just been applying kitty compresses, namely Woody is on my lap right now.

Amy said...

That should do the trick. Do you chill them first?

ALH said...

I am alternating hot and cold cat.

Emma said...

That first one looks like a solar system.