Thursday, June 3, 2010

Amber & No Way To Know

Poor Pickles.

He can't do anything without me watching him like a neurotic mother hawk.  He seems to be better-- at least he is using the litter box less frequently and depositing bigger clumps.  But, he also seems to be sleeping alot, but he is a cat and that is what they do.  Is he sleeping more than his siblings?  Maybe.  He doesn't seem to be eating very much, but that could be an upset tummy from the meds or maybe because he had to give up his favorite dry bunny food.  Maybe?

He mews alot.  But he did that before, didn't he?  And he is laying under the bed and behind the desk alot, but maybe that's because it's so hot?  And he is playing with fleece wand, and he does come out for treats.  Is he better than he was over the weekend?  Yes, definitely.  Is he completely well?

This clip from the much-beloved Betty White episode of SNL really sums it up for me.

There's really no way of knowing.

He could just be a homeless guy in a fur coat.


Alison said...

I <3 you, Pickles!

Amy said...

Oh Mr. P. Feel better, little dude.