Monday, June 14, 2010

Amber & Welcome Back, Old Friends

Two exciting bits of foodie news that confirm the arrival of a new summer and, at the same time, harken back to summers of yore:

1.  NYC Icy has returned to a small space on Avenue A with its ever-exciting assortment of flavored ices.

James sends this photographic proof, featuring the flavors matcha and cherry.  He also reports they had a purple carrot flavor.  This?  Is definitely worth an A train ride.  Even if it's going local.  And I'll wear my novelty t.  It will be just like 1999 all over again.

2.  The Tabla Frankie Cart has returned.  Last week, the fellas and I partook of its food and beverage offerings and then sat in the Park soaking up June.

Although this article claims the lamb frankie is a new addition to the menu, it certainly isn't.  I had it last year.  Hello, FACT CHECKERS?

An added treat was that we got to see Taya's little guy having a fun playtime while we ate our sandwiches.  (But, being responsible people, we did not approach or kidnap him.)  Taya, by the way, just turned 40 and reported, several hours into her actual birthday, that it was pretty good.  Happy Birthday, Taya.  And thanks for being the guinea pig on that milestone for me.

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