Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Amber & Marco Polo

Earlier, CRD shared this Hitch quip about the importance of a lingua franca (but not my former employer) amongst friends.  Sassy slanged banter is a mainstay of my communications with my pals, but so is playing Private Joke Marco Polo.  One of us sets 'em up, and the other knocks 'em down.  With friends on other coasts and through the miracle of modern technology, this takes the form of visual Marco Polo.

For example, yesterday Kirk visited this site (which is some kind of viral marketing for a product not targeted to my demographic and therefore fully incomprehensible) and said, "Marco."

And then I made my own. "Polo!"

And then Emma both Marcoed and Poloed with these offerings.

Today, Emma sent this exhibit of her love of bananas. Marco!

I returned with evidence of my love of coffee.


Etc.  Friendship rocks.


Emma said...

I love that it's obvious one should make a strange/concerned face when putting oneself in the viral marketing fail tree.

ALH said...

Kirk, being hipper than us, actually understood what the virus was promoting. So really, the fact that you are both making similar faces is a testament to your insight into the nature of being in a tree in a hoodie and your ability to express that with face.