Thursday, June 3, 2010

Amber & Newton's Law

Just so no gets confused or feels left out, my hair changed again.

It's my long-standing traditional switch to Summer Hair which involves chunky, totally fake-looking blobs of blonde on the top of my head.

This heritage hair goes back many, many years.  But the oldest photo I could find was this Jimmy one from 2007.

The mustache is not dyed to match.  That's its natural color.

I also got shorter bangs and sort of smoother, blunter sides.  I was going for something like this.

Only, also mixed with this.

I think I came pretty close.


Alison said...

You look super nice. Louise would be proud.

ALH said...

Aw shucks, Alison. I try, you know?

Amy said...

You look totally gorgeous, Amber. Like, totally.

ALH said...

Thanks, Amy. I might try to grow the mustache back.

Terri Beth said...

You are CUTE.

ALH said...

Terri Beth, if anyone knows about cute, it sure is you.