Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Amber & Old Jokes Don't Die

I sure like to make the same jokes over and over.  And over and over.  Long after they stop being funny.

Like the one where someone is coughing and I say, "Do you need the Heimlich?  If so, make the international sign for 'I'm choking.'"  Ha!  Hilarity.  If that was funny the first time, imagine how funny it is after you've been my friend for ten years!

About as funny as choking?

And then, there's the one where I see someone in a sports shirt, with the player name on the back, and I pretend to think it is the player.  I got to use that one last night.

"Wait, Cabrera is up at bat next?  He better hurry up to the plate rather than just sitting here in front of us drinking beer!'  Ha!

Kevin and Diana loved that one.


CRD said...

It's the special way you learn.

Emma said...

Allow me to make the universal sign for ugh, the good ol eye roll.