Friday, June 25, 2010

Amber & Terrible Two (s)

Happy Birthday, little guys who are no longer so little!

Ginger has sure grown into those giant ears, but Pickles still thinks that snowman blanket is his momma.

Look at that curly belly!  And that pink nose!  I could just squeeze him to death.

As predictable as Pickles is (thunder?  under bed!  you're awake?  I'll give you fleece wand!), Ginger embodies the art of kitty mystery.

His love of fresh vegetables and fruits is matched only by his love of eating cardboard, shoes, and the leather on my handbag.

Having four cats is often very challenging.  (I wish someone had warned me!)  They don't always get along, they eat five cans of wet food every day, and there is nothing harder than lugging a 30 lb bag of litter up five flights of stairs.  Oh, and I go through about one lint roller every week.

But, it has been so, so worth it.  I love these special babies super much.  I feel so lucky to have such fascinating and snuggly critters live with me.

Also?  They smell like hope and comfort.  And unicorns.

I look forward to celebrating their fourteenth birthday on this blog.  Which, at that time, will just be beamed into your brains.

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Alison said...

I do miss having multiple cats sometimes, but is a tricky business. Plus, when I did have more than one was when I was living at home, so it was not just me in charge.

Your kitties are all so wonderful. You should bring them with you on your next trip our West!!!! :P