Monday, August 29, 2011

Amber & The Aftermath

I am fine. I am lucky enough to live in a pocket of New York that was largely unaffected by Hurricane Irene, with the exception of the A train still running locally (although due to "unrelated signal problems").  And there were some downed limbs I encountered on my walk (in my official hurricane maryjanes) yesterday.

Other places got it much much worse.  James, for example, is stranded in Vermont.  The bridge from Vermont to New York is, apparently, completely washed out.

And, apparently, before they lost the bridge, it was raining silver bagpiping medals.  James got pelted with three.

I had bought lots of provisions.  For tortilla chowder.

Thanks, Farmer Ted, for the corn, tomatoes and onions.  And Bread CSA tortillas.  And cerveza.  No wonder we weathered the storm so well.


Alison said...

I'm glad you are okay! I'd checked the flood zone maps to see how your neighborhood was coded and was happy to see you seemed to be safe. I've seen pics and videos from Vermont and wow...definitely scary up there. I hope James and his loved ones are getting through it well enough!

Erl said...

I really appreciate this piece of investigative journalism.

Congrats to James for catching those medals!