Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Amber & My Poor Guy

Last night, Woody jumped, missed the bed and hurt his rear left leg.  You may recall this is the exact same leg that he hurt when he jumped on the wet sink edge.

With the help of some good phone advice from Dr. Manning who was on call at our regular Woody vet office, super support from James, in person, and Nick, by phone, and the amazing care of Dr. Dave, the boy is home safe on cage rest for a couple of days to give the injury, if it is just soft tissue (an unlikely but hoped possibility) a chance to improve.

My guy is not so thrilled about being imprisoned.  Clearly, it's much nicer to not be and have your choice of napping spots.  But, it's critical to keep him off the leg as much as possible and to prevent him from running and jumping.  Then, when we go to see Dr. Hammer on Thursday, we'll have to determine if it is a fracture or ligament tear and if it is something that can sort-of heal on its own since the boy can't have surgery due to heart and respiratory issues.

He's been out a couple of times today for supervised laying on the floor and my lap, but most of the day has been in prison.

Poor guy.

I wish this hadn't happened to him.  It's really tough.


Alison said...

Poor boy! He looks so...fretful in that last picture. Gentle hugs to him, and I hope he is released soon!

Amy said...

Woody, you have a BIG fan club on the Internets. I'm a founding member and, I don't mean to show off, but I'm also co-secretary for the NY branch with Ms. Hazel M.B. The entire club is thinking good thoughts for your cute legs. We have observed your "tenacity" and "ability to adapt to adversity" in the past and we're really rooting for you to do a great job getting better. WE LOVE YOU WOOOOOODDDDDDY!

Erl said...

Sad little Woody. I have my fingers crossed for you that it's something easy for the orthopedist to figure out.