Monday, August 1, 2011

Amber & Customer Service Letter #895

Dear Drs. Foster and Smith,

I have long been a fan of your product high-quality cat supplies via mail order.  For example, the Cozy Cushion I purchased with a gift certificate in 2004 continues to be the favorite winter resting spot--wherever it gets placed.  It has stood up to numerous barfings and subsequent washings, and I am sure it will continue to comfort my kitty friends for another seven years.

However, recently, I purchased the so-called Happy Habitat.

I was attracted to this item because it was described as "breezy" and "roomy" and promised to "delight [my] cat with fresh air and outdoor sights." I felt this would be ideal for my kitty, Ginger, who switches into full on Running Mode at top speed in the Away Direction whenever he is let outside.  I thought this product would enable Ginger to share outdoor time with his more obedient and less escapey siblings.

But, Ginger's painfully scabby nose tells a different story.

We first tested older, calmer Woody in the tent, and he began to pace back and forth like a caged lion.  We figured this was because he is more experienced at being outside at River House and was not willing to give up his freedom for our experiment.  But, when Ginger was placed in, he began to pace, too.  But he paced at absolute top speed, back and forth, slamming face first into the mesh, scraping the skin off his nose and making pained mournful howls.  Happy Habitat?  More like Tent of Horrors.

Therefore, I think it is only reasonable to request that you allow me to return the tent for a full refund, Ginger skin smoosh in the mesh and all.  I expect better quality, namely products that do not hurt my cats or do the exact opposite of what they are advertised to do.  I wish to continue to be a customer of Drs. Foster and Smith for many years, but this experience has made me wary of anything you sell with the word "happy" in the title.

Sincerely yours,

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