Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amber & Unlikely Partnerships

You know those sitcoms where two seemingly very different people somehow get teamed up and the relationship magically--or really obviously--works?  Meet the kitty Oscar and Felix seen here exploring the neighbor's house.

Tiggy and Pickles in no way get along in the house.  Pickles chases Tiggy mercilessly and she hisses and swats to defend her right to not be his plaything.  But, when they go outside together, they turn into a cooperative team of Adventure Cats.

Pickles doesn't charge off into the woods, and Tiggy doesn't mew constantly for my approval. They move in a tight group, taking turns taking the lead and sniffing everything in their path.

It's a kind of teamwork of which I wholly approve.


Alison said...

Oscar and Felix were before my time, so I prefer to think of Tiggy and Pickles as Larry and Balki.

Any moment now, out there in the woods, they will do the dance of joy. Just you wait!

Amy said...

Should it not be "unlikely purr-nerships"?

ALH said...

I am slain by the two of you, A & A. Slain.