Thursday, August 25, 2011

Amber & Birthday Booty 2011

Birthdays are big days.  And not just because you were born and it makes you take stock of aging.  But also because you get amazing booty.

Like: this awesome novelty shirt (typing baboons!) from Erl.

(I bet they are writing David Mamet plays.)

Or this amazing haul (just for being born!) from Alison.

The best part?  Not the apple-shaped paper clips...

...not the Sleek Friend Kitty note pad...

.,,but the amazing card she found.

How lucky is it that she happened to find a card with our photo in it?  And that we were wearing birthday hats???  Crazy.

So far, best birthday where I turned 40 ever.


Erl said...


Alison said...

YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 40 years young, to be sure :)

Isn't the card great? I made it at, where you can personalize all kinds of cards and upload your own pics and such. It's super fun. Also thanks to my friend Brandon for photoshopping in the hats :)

I hope you have a fantabulouso day. Please try not to eat the whole box of GooGoo Clusters in one day though, i have a feeling that might not end well ;)


Terri Beth said...

Oh, my lord, I MISSED YOUR 40th BIRTHDAY. :(

It sounds like you had a good one, though, which makes me happy.

I hope you are safe down there in the city. Take good care. Love you.