Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Amber & Three Things I Love

1.  Supremo Magic Move Hard.

Because it works exactly as the on-product copy promises.

Magic Move is the most appropriate hair cosmetics for hair that is damaged by chemical treatments and/or environmental pollution. It adds body to hair with an action of thready organic fibers like a net, and finishes hair in sleek feeling. It does not harden hair excessively, just adds flowing moves to hair, and allows you to change your hair style repeatedly in the same day. You may hold a formed hair style for many hours, as it may not be influenced by temperature nor by humidity. It highlights colored hair well, and can be easily washed off with shampooing.

I love an action of thready organic fibers like a net, changing my hair style repeatedly in the same day, and product that washes off.

2.  Dr. Hammer (seen here with Dr. Manning):

If only for being the messenger that Woody has no broken bones (which would be the worst) and for helping us schedule the orthopedic specialist to help pin down what he does have.  Normally, they'd do an MRI to identify a ligament tear, but the buddy can't be sedated due to health issues so we need specialist eyeballs and fingers to investigate and make recommendations.

3.  Woody.

For being a patient patient, taking sink hands even while downtrodden, and for trusting me enough to semi-nap on my lap even after I lock him in cages, force pills down his throat, and drag him around on the subway and in cabs.  I love him, now more than ever.

And he doesn't mind laying too close to my stinky shoes.  Bless him.


Alison said...

1. I know this is immature but the name of that product made me snicker.

2. Puppies!

3. Woody is such a dear thing. He might even like the smell of your shoes. Animals are weird that way. My cat eats plastic bags. Go fig...

ALH said...

Alison! I asked one of the many vets we have talked to this week about the bags thing! He said that there seem to be two causes. 1. The smooth texture of the bag can sort of "clean" a cat's tongue if it is feeling nauseous. That is also why Tiggy licks my backpack or anything made out of that backpack-like material. It's a texture that helps get bad tastes out of her mouth. 2. Plastic bags are made with gelatin, which cats LOOOOVE because, and I apologize for this in advance, it tastes like horses. Which, apparently, taste good to cats? Sorry, Black Beauty. Zoe wants to eat you.

Alison said...

I will guess, as gross as it is, that it must be option 2 for Zoe. She does it all the time, whenever she can get access to plastic...and I don't think she's nauseous all the time because she seems fine otherwise, and eats and all that.

The funny thing about that is that she refuses to eat meat. When I've tried to give her canned cat food, no dice. I even bought a can of chicken (like, for people) and she refused that. My dad tried to give her some turkey lunchmeat the other day, nope. Sorry Zoe, I draw the line at horse. You're stuck with the plastic.

ALH said...

Good knowing where to draw the line, Alison.

Erl said...

This conversation is magic.