Monday, August 15, 2011

Amber & Animal Diets

Today, Tiggy ventured out in the drizzle to hunt an earth worm and, later, a stick she thought was an earth worm.  The worm was unscathed, aside from some very tentative non-claw poking.  The stick was also fine.  Worms, apparently, are not part of the Adventure Cat diet.  Grits and pine needles stuck to your saggy underbelly apparently do make a nice meal.

But, Adventure Cats also have to be extremely cautious about presenting themselves as a meal.

Maybe, as a start, laying on the table is a bit too suggestive for our eagle friends passing overhead?

Better to stick to eating greens right outside the house in case a quick retreat is needed.  Or, better, as Ginger the non-Adventure Cat knows, stick to eating greens in the house.

Isn't that Gigi just as fluffy as a bunny?

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