Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Amber & Photojournalism AND Art

Since you are a reader of Amber & (or since you Googled looking for information on an oft-featured friend from this blog), it stands to reason that you appreciate solid photojournalistic coverage of the news of today and art.

Therefore, I present unto you my new photogallery that will allow you to check both areas of interests off your daily checklist of areas in which to be interested. The gallery is entitled Mushrooms & Lichens.  (Those are all links to check out the whole presentation.)

To be fair, there are also grasses, assorted mosses and some toes featured in the photo set.  I seek to offer compelling and yet also artistic coverage of what happens when it is super damp outside in the woods.  And, like all good art, it also makes you ask questions.

Like: Why do all the mushrooms look sort of nibbled on?

And, like great journalism, it answers questions you didn't even know you had before you saw the nibbled mushroom.

Answer: Slugs!  But, like great art, some of the questions are unanswered.  Like: Do slugs have psychedelic trips when they eat the mushrooms and see white rabbits with pocket watches?  That is something to ponder.

Also, there is lichen.

Which is our "plant" of the week.  Even though it's actually not a plant at all.  Good journalism makes you seek out more information.  Learning.


Amy said...

The "learning" part at the end cracks me up. Also? I spy robo-toes.

Amy said...

ohmygosh, the album is REALLY beautiful. Really.

Erl said...

That second one really looks like a chewed piece of tasty country loaf.

Diana said...

I think you should include oak-galls in the new gallery. I saw a few on a walk yesterday and it was easy to confuse them with puffball mushrooms that abound on the ridge...just sayin'